by Bill TBWSP

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released April 18, 2014



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Bill TBWSP Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Nuclear Brunch
I'm just another master
faster than the telecaster of disaster..

Heeeey, Heyy

(Mayuri and Nemu talk it out)

Always pissed off,
But people made him real soft.
Manipualtion's hand off
She wants to talk! But hands off >:(
Not acceptable,
My sneakiness exceptional
Not anti-depressional
Destructive just like a Sentinal!
Continental drifts move quicker than finger lifts,
moves swift like an angel, but stings like triple six!
Crossing River Styx.
Music Always mixed with emotion and commotion
to warn that we're just SICK!
I'm coming for you slick, you better understand it quick.
Your soul, and your body I can truly make it fit
withing my trancsic cortex wont settle for anything less!
You're alive!?
Your Bless because I wonder what's in that... chest. ;P

With the Stars... and.. and (JADE)

Pein in the Trance World: I've Grown From A Man, To A GOD..
Track Name: Barely Beloved (Kingdom Heart's Void)
Um Hi...

This is dedicated to all the people who have a hard time
expressing themselves...

I hate my life
That's why I got no wife
Pass me the knife and the psyche
so I end this night,
But I got to remember the words of
Jesus Christ,
even though I barely believe...
Maybe I'm never right?
Trying to find a better sub-dimension
All I see for this planet is pension!
Don't even mention
Universal loss of extention of truth,
Now you're seeing where the anger grew!
I'm through with society,
Nothing helps inside of me
I only talk to friends that's inside of me.
Always with variety they're changing
Moods still arranging
Like rollercoaster Scorpion,
Sting me! No more aching...
I let people get to me,
Kids if you're listening don't be like me
Want to let you know I really care,
but I dare to add a blare that the world's a
wholly scare...
(It's like... I love everyone, but I hate everyone at the same time...)
I remember when I was 17
Everybody told me I'm the nicest kid they've ever seen.
Don't know what happen, I mean,
Im never clean
Always holding grudges since I was only like 17!
Can't find a mental balance,
I either love you or hate you with chalice.
Fill my heart with passion
so I can love my enemies in action,
But I know the answer is a fraction.
But I'm not abstinent by choice,
Maybe that's why I always hear that noise.
Imagine the deploys when I feel my mind destroy..
EVERYTHING in my path while you all enjoy...
THE LYRICISM, the beats...
I see her as I do with all the trees
Fulfill all the needs for the youth
But its bleeds in eternity,
Only for the kids that can't fit in with fraternity...

(Deep Trance Ensues)