Nuclear Brunch

from by Bill TBWSP



I'm just another master
faster than the telecaster of disaster..

Heeeey, Heyy

(Mayuri and Nemu talk it out)

Always pissed off,
But people made him real soft.
Manipualtion's hand off
She wants to talk! But hands off >:(
Not acceptable,
My sneakiness exceptional
Not anti-depressional
Destructive just like a Sentinal!
Continental drifts move quicker than finger lifts,
moves swift like an angel, but stings like triple six!
Crossing River Styx.
Music Always mixed with emotion and commotion
to warn that we're just SICK!
I'm coming for you slick, you better understand it quick.
Your soul, and your body I can truly make it fit
withing my trancsic cortex wont settle for anything less!
You're alive!?
Your Bless because I wonder what's in that... chest. ;P

With the Stars... and.. and (JADE)

Pein in the Trance World: I've Grown From A Man, To A GOD..


from THE TRANCE TAPE (EP), released April 18, 2014
Produced by Bill TBWSP.



all rights reserved


Bill TBWSP Tampa, Florida

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